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Dr. John P. Lemmon is a Chief Scientist at PNNL, in which He's top the initiatives to establish Superior elements and solid condition electrochemical Power storage systems. His research pursuits consist of knowledge charge transfer and storage mechanisms linked to elementary stage and micro and nanostructural Houses for purposes in solar, sensors, and electrical Vitality storage elements.

New improvements in molecular engineering of redox Lively natural molecules for nonaqueous circulation batteries

Polyvinylpyrrolidone-based mostly semi-interpenetrating polymer networks as highly selective and chemically stable membranes for all vanadium redox stream batteries

Highly steady membranes based upon sulfonated fluorinated poly(ether ether ketone)s with bifunctional groups for vanadium flow battery application

Impact of different additives with –NH2 or –NH4+ practical groups on V(V) electrolytes for the vanadium redox stream battery

Designed synthesis of TiO2-modified iron oxides on/between carbon nanotubes being a outstanding lithium-ion storage material

A comparative study of all-vanadium and iron-chromium redox move batteries for big-scale energy storage

Dynamic thermal-hydraulic modeling and stack flow pattern analysis for all-vanadium redox movement battery

A three-V electrochemical capacitor study based on a magnesium polymer gel electrolyte by three unique carbon products

Hydrophilic poly(vinylidene fluoride) porous membrane with very well linked ion transport networks for vanadium move battery

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Sizeable improvement from the biking general performance and rate ability in the off page seo checklist 2016 P/C composite via chemical bonding (P–C)

The outcome of cathode felt geometries on electrochemical properties of sodium sulfur (NaS) cells: Planar vs. tubular

Multifunctional conducing polymer coated Na1+xMnFe(CN)6 cathode for sodium-ion batteries with excellent effectiveness via a facile and 1-phase chemistry approach

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